Why is canopy transferring so popular?

Some of the most common questions asked is;

(Q) “If I buy a different model ute next time, will I be able to transfer the canopy?”

Absolutely! Clients change their vehicles at the end of lease or when they feel it is time to upgrade. The Multi-fit Chassis Mount System and the Quick Connect wiring harness makes transferring simple.

(Q) “So how long does a canopy last?”

We have transferred Bosston canopies as many as four times – that’s four vehicles to one canopy and 15 plus years. So when you’re making an investment that will outlast several utes , it is worth getting it right.

Bosston gets the right design for you by focusing on 3 fundamental areas:

  1. Functionality – Making the workspace easy to use
  2. Reliability – Guaranteeing quality
  3. Weight minimisation – Increasing vehicle efficiency and reducing wear and tear.

Many of our clients have unique requirements in regard to their own equipment layout.

Bosston’s team of trained specialists will assist with the detail of your fitout.

Want to talk to Bosston about your own mobile workspace? Contact one of our friendly staff today.

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