For over 23 years, Bosston Auto Bodies have been manufacturing canopies to suit many types of utes and small trucks used by single operator businesses to federal and state government departments.

A Bosston Hilux canopy is made from strong and lightweight aluminium with large doors for easy access to equipment and supplies in the tray. Our canopies include a number of unique features that set us apart from other manufacturers.

Our Toyota Hilux canopies are available in a variety of configurations to suit three different cab types:

Configuration Single
Full Canopy

Full Hilux canopy with three doors creating accessible workspaces

Part Canopy

Part tray aluminium Hilux canopy with two doors

Ledge Canopy

Part tray aluminium Hilux canopy with two doors and a rear ledge

Tool Module

The open centre aisle provides space for storing or transporting large equipment or products


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