The Isuzu D-Max is built to work. It is also serious about safety and features extensive active and passive safety features. The vehicles are engineered for a purpose and are geared towards reliability, durability and economy.

Since 1993, Bosston Auto Bodies have been manufacturing canopies for utes and small trucks across Australia. Design features unique to Bosston canopies include:

  • Internal bosstrut system – Provides strength and flexibility and facilitates the creation and customisation of internal fit-outs.
  • Flush coaming system – The flat canopy lip means your workplace is safer and more efficient for loading and unloading goods .
  • Door open seal – The gullwing door and unique guttering system creates a water tight/ weather proof seal on the top of the body that keeps your workspace dry when the door is opened.
  • Internal dual action hinge system – This system ensures all moving parts are kept out of the weather and provide extra security
  • Roof rails – Bosston roof rails are not only removable but can also be shifted to any point without any drilling
  • Multi-fit mount – Easily transfer canopies between vehicles without compromising structural integrity

Our Isuzu canopies are available in a variety of configurations to suit three different cab types:

Configuration Single
Full Canopy

Full canopy with three doors creating accessible workspaces

Part Canopy

Best of both - Part tray canopy with two doors and tray

Ledge Canopy

Ledge tray with two door canopy and a rear ledge

Tool Module

The open centre aisle provides space for storing or transporting large equipment or products


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