Why would a tradesman choose a 3 door Bosston? If you are regularly moving equipment in and out of a canopy accessibility is important, couple that with the Bosston genuine accessories and you get a package that takes organisation and efficiency to new levels.

This integrated canopy pictured is durable, waterproof and dustproof with storage solutions for your equipment big and small. The combinations of fitout Bosston offer ensures your workspace is organised and maximised.

The Bosston IXC 219 model comes with following standard features:

  • 3 gull-wing doors
  • 2 x Mudguards
  • ADR approved LED tail light
  • Painted white to suit cab (Metallic extra)
  • Fitted to cab chassis

The model shown is equipped with the following:

  • Roller drawer
  • Shelving kits & Parts bins
  • Boss-roof bars
  • Rubber matting


The unique heavy duty aluminium cover provides protection to your equipment.The Bosston roller drawer lid has been designed specifically for use in service bodies, canopies, vans and utes and engineered to with stand harsh conditions over a long period or without break down.

  • Seals from dust
  • Gas Struts assists lifting
  • Lightweight Ally Construction
  • Bench surface, useful for numerous jobs.
  • Ideal for Veterinary Surgeons, Mechanics, Plumbers, ETC

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