Economic and ergonomic service bodies made with Australian craftsmanship

From local councils to Federal Government departments – government fleet vehicles must be extremely durable, easy to maintain and economic to acquire.

From council and emergency service vehicles, parking compliance and traffic control vehicles, security, animal welfare and transport management – Bosston’s aluminium canopies are accessible, efficient, durable and safe.

With more than two decades of working with clients in local and state government departments, Bosston’s service bodies, canopies and tool boxes have evolved into the non-plus ultra for government vehicles.

Compliance, safety and economy – we are listening to our clients in government departments

Why choose Customer Preferred?

Getting what you need hasn’t been easier, the team at Bosston have taken choosing to a whole new level. You can now browse our Customer Preferred builds by your business type.

How was the Customer preferred arrived at? Easy– the combined experience Bosston offers in the automotive industry is over 50 years, this coupled with extensive analysis of what products are used across the Commercial trades has created the Customer preferred. By choosing the Customer Preferred you are entitled to additional advantages. To find out more hit the inquiry button now.

Bosston is guaranteed to add value to your business.

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