Get the most out of your investment: Usable space and organised interiors free your time up to get jobs done

Competition is tough and customers are demanding – you need to be on time and need your tools, parts and equipment at your fingertips to manage the project timely and within budget.

Your ute or truck is a valuable asset. It needs to enhance your workspace and deliver a high return on your investment.

With more than two decades of working with clients in domestic trades, Bosston’s service bodies, canopies and tool boxes have evolved into the non-plus ultra for trade vehicles.

The economic and usable mobile workspace you can rely on – year after year of hard use

Why choose Customer Preferred?

Over the past 16 years Bosston engineers have analysed the most common configurations requested by our customers in Domestic Trades..

We understand our clients and the importance of downtime, so together with the experience, insight and passion of our dedicated team, Bosston has assembled the most efficient builds that aim to constantly exceed your expectations.

The Customer Preferred have all the essential accessories you need and is designed to fit most single, extra and dual cab Utes.

Take the stress out of trying to find the right fit-out for your vehicle.




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