Ute Service Bodies

Bosston Mobile Workspaces are more than just a box to transport your tools and equipment, they are the preferred choice for businesses demanding superior quality, full regulatory compliance and exceptional ROI.

At Bosston, we consider each and every canopy as a unique piece of real estate, it’s your workshop or office on wheels. Extensive research from around the globe, carrying all the latest features and technology combined with the expertise of our engineers and design team has gone into creating the most advanced mobile workspace.


Getting what you need has never been easier! The team here at Bosston have taken choice to a whole new level with our Customer Preferred range – you can now browse by your industry when choosing from our range of fleet canopies. Be it Commercial or Domestic trade, Mining or Government, at Bosston you will find the perfect fit out to get started.


Easy– the experience Bosston offers in the automotive industry is over 50 years combined, this coupled with extensive analysis of what products are used across our broad customer range has created the Customer Preferred. By choosing the Customer Preferred, you are entitled to a number of additional advantages.

Whether you’re in the mining sector and are searching for a reliable range of fleet canopies, or require a government ute service body, our Customer Preferred range is guaranteed to add value to your business.

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