The Alloy Ute Canopy

A reliable ute canopy is essential to any commercial operation and here at Bosston, we only rely on alloy canopies. Offering superior durability, security and longevity, the Alloy canopy cannot be surpassed.

At Bosston, we maintain high-quality at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we choose to manufacture alloy ute canopies. To ensure we’re producing the best, we only use the best grade of aluminium. Our expert in house team design and engineer to leading cutting edge technology creating an unrivalled alloy canopy.

Benefits of having an Alloy canopy:

  • Lightweight – alloy weighs considerably less than other materials and makes for a lighter load and better fuel economy.
  • Robust – the combination of metals used in alloy gives it greater strength and resistance to corrosion. Alloy has a natural oxide coating which makes it an ideal material for a canopy as it aids in its protection against the elements.
  • Security – an alloy canopy is a safe canopy. The super strength material ensures tools and belongings are shielded from weather conditions and protected from thieves.
  • Long-lasting – due to it being non-corrosive, alloy will not rot or rust and therefore yields great longevity.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the alloy canopy is finished with high quality 2 pack paint with smooth radius sides
  • Transferable – alloy canopies are easily transferable from one vehicle to the other.
  • Easy maintenance – due to its natural strength and oxide coating, alloy canopies are particularly easy to clean.

The Great Debate

Trying to choose between an alloy canopy or a fiberglass canopy? You’re not alone. In fact, many people in the market for a ute canopy come across this difficult decision. At Bosston, we only use alloy to build our canopies, and that’s because after extensive research and hands on experience, we’ve determined it’s without a doubt the best material to build a canopy from.


Alloy Canopy vs Fibreglass Canopy

Alloy Canopy Fibreglass Canopy
  • Has a natural oxide coating
  • Extremely robust
  • Strong abrasive-resistance
  • Lighter and therefore better fuel economy
  • Lighter and therefore better load carry capacity
  • Not subject to deterioration
  • Requires periodic re-coating
  • Potential safety risk due to its hazardous airborne fibres
  • Brittle
  • Weak abrasive-resistance
  • Risk of paint discoloration
  • Requires more upkeep
  • Limited lifespan

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