Bosston a Hidrive Group company

1st July 2019

The Bosston Auto Bodies business has recently been purchased by Hidrive Group Pty Ltd. This acquisition is effective 1st July 2019.

For now, both Hidrive Group and Bosston Auto Bodies continue to operate as two separate entities, however, during September 2019 the companies will be merged. Once merged, the Bosston brand as it is currently known will become Hidrive.

To deliver a better customer experience, Hidrive are investing in Western Australia with substantial capital commitment in new manufacturing technologies and equipment which is being installed and commissioned at our Perth manufacturing plant throughout late 2019 and 2020.

We are well aware of the heritage that surrounds the Bosston brand, these proven and reliable products are being merged with Hidrive’s advanced manufacturing and multiple service locations nationally which includes vertically integrated locations in Perth (manufacturing and installation), Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Goulburn (manufacturing and installation).

As an ISO9001 certified 100% Australian owned private company with important WA stakeholders, Hidrive have the experience to understand your mobile workforce needs and a clear vision to uplift the safety, reliability, and economics of our clients.

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