Protect your precious tools while you are on site.

1. Secure

Leaving your tools unsecured in your vehicle while you walk around the site is just asking for trouble. Unfortunately there are opportunists waiting for you to turn your back. Central locking on your Bosston canopy is the way to go.

2. Personalise

Engraving your tools or distinguishing them with brightly coloured marking deter theft. Make your tools harder to resell and easier to identify.

3. Record inventory

Take a record of all your tools and their serial numbers, photograph them and regularly check none are missing. This might sound tedious but the sooner you know something is missing the quicker you can do something about it. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a job and having to go off and buy a missing tool.

4. Insure

Check that tool insurance is part of your policy. Read the fine print to see what is covered, what the excess is, and is it a requirement to have your tools locked away?

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