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Bosston manufacture high quality canopies and service bodies for Commercial trades, the Mining sector and Government departments nationwide.

We innovate and engineer economic vehicle fit-outs to increase the productivity of your workforce, enhance workflow and add value to your business.

Quality & Value for Money

Bosston have proven designs, superior in quality and exceptional value for money. You can depend on us to deliver durable and economic service bodies and canopies that stand the test of time, even with many years of constant hard use.

Key Features

Quality, efficiency, safety and user friendliness are just a few of the traits setting our products apart from others:

  • Designed for specialised fleet requirements
  • Large range of models suiting most single, extra and dual cab utes
  • High quality aluminium construction that’s lightweight and strong
  • Large doors for easy access to usable space
  • Weather proof seals to protect your equipment
  • Painted canopies, not powder coated, for superior finish
  • Internal and external “Bosstrut” system creating unlimited configuration of fit-outs

Established in 1993, Bosston is Australia’s leading innovator and manufacturer of aluminium service bodies and canopies.

Bosston mobile workspaces stand for accessibility, efficiency, durability and safety, whilst being supremely lightweight and stylish.

No matter what vehicles are in your fleet, Bosston offers a range of integrated and lift off service bodies, canopies, tool modules for 1ton utes to 3ton light trucks.

We create service bodies that enhance your productivity and make life easier.

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